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What We've Done


Integrated Perspectives Consulting worked with non-profit leaders and volunteers of the Oceanside Historical Society to gather local community insights as a starting point for upcoming brainstorming and planning sessions.

Session design and facilitation incorporated these many different perspectives to support attendee work in exploring existing state and potential new directions.

Attendees collaborated and created realistic ideas, steps and action planning related to the organization's growth and evolution within the community of Oceanside.


"Having the opportunity to reflect on accomplishments is actually refreshing when feeling weighted down by future tasks. It is great to be reminded that we are moving forward! I am grateful that you refocused me/us and we are enthusiastic on where we are headed as an organization"

Kristi Hawthorne

-Director Oceanside Historical Society



"April Durrant demonstrates great leadership to the work she performed with our leadership team. Her facilitation structure and organization skills allowed our team to think outside the box and bring our goals into perspective. Her performance and ability to work with organization leaders is truly remarkable. Thank you for your continuous consultation to MainStreet Oceanside Team."

Gumaro Escarcega

-MainStreet Oceanside COO

Integrated Perspectives Consulting facilitated a retreat  with members of MainStreet Oceanside and community partners from local businesses and community based organizations. The work completed during the retreat was based on insights related to recent concerns, needs and interests from local community member stakeholders.

These insights supported retreat session attendees as they explored potential opportunities and next steps to take coming out of the pandemic. Thus empowering attendees to look ahead into the organization's next few years through the eyes of the community. Continuing partnership in 2023.


Integrated Perspectives consulting was proud to be part of the Organization Development Network's (ODN) 3rd annual Social Impact Day event. Supporting the event through vetting, needs assessments, coordination, emcee and communication services for the organization's first virtual format of the event.

ODN Logo_edited.jpg


Mural ribbon cutting.jpg

Integrated Perspectives Consulting worked with members of MainStreet Oceanside's Design Committee to create a new vision and action planning for local community Mural Initiative.

Work included brainstorming and planning sessions with committee members and community engagement to understand how to best align the initiative and community needs.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony from the newest Art that Excites mural titled "Nautical Neighbors" August 27, 2022 Oceanside, CA.

Delta Air Lines

Consulted internally with heads of Human Resources, Marketing, Onboarding, Communications, Finance and Strategy.

Led, coordinated and collaborated across language, country and departmental boundaries during numerous emergency situations to bridge communication and specialized knowledge gaps.

Provided training and intervention delivery for Airline vendor with a very diverse and multilingual workforce.

Delivered individualized role and cultural related training for employees at all levels of seniority to improve experience, responsiveness and interactions with global customers.

Flying Plane
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