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Within Every Company & Community  Live Hidden Opportunities and Untapped Potential

City Skyline

Integrated Perspectives Consulting, a Disabled Veteran-Owned company, can help your organization with what it needs to develop, heal and evolve. 

We will assist you as you navigate change, discover new perspectives, find unexplored opportunities and create customized solutions for your company needs. 


Small Business

Small Business


Nickolas Rowland, Licensed Realtor
Virtual Properties Realty

I cannot recommend April enough! She is one of many consultants I have contacted to help me and is the only one that seemed to take an actual interest in getting to know my needs and offered practical advice instead of trying to sell me on products. She is very thorough in her methods and works very quickly and efficiently. She is very responsive with communications and gave me a lot more than what I was expecting. 10/10 would recommend

Community Based


Gumaro Escarcega, Program Manager
Mainstreet Oceanside

April has also helped us improve and brand Art that Excites. Her approach and knowledge on organization development gave us the resources to adapt to the ongoing changes needed in our community. I would like to recommend April Durrant for any leadership development in your workplace! And recommend April to consult with your group!



Sarah Long, Field Service Manager, Inflight
Delta Air Lines

I highly recommend April for any issue your business may have because I know April will give your issue the attention it deserves. She unflinchingly tackles the problems at hand to find the heart of the matter and then she will work with you to find realistic solutions that will better you overall. I can attest to this personally because I have seen her find creative ways to improve situations at already successful businesses. She came up with solutions that engaged and connected both employees and customers at a personal and meaningful level. I would work with her again in a heartbeat and I will gladly attest to her skills and success overall.

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